Tuesday, June 19

It’s the end of an era! That’s how it feels to me at WOL Hungary right now. Our Bible Institute students have graduated and are heading all over the world to serve in their summer ministry.
Each year our students graduate from either the First Year or Second Year program at our Bible Institute and it is a blessing to watch. All the fun, all the classes, all the troubles, all the discipleship is all culminated on this day.

One student came up to me the day before graduation and told me how much her service assignment, her on-campus job, had helped her to grow and learn about her heart. I’ll be honest that I was a little taken back. This is the area of our program that doesn’t really have a “spiritual teaching.” But she continued that it was the work that allowed her to apply the principles she was learning in the classroom to her practical life. How amazing! That is why I love the program of the Word of Life Bible Institute. It is geared to be a center for life-change in all areas.
It was also the last day that our Intern Coordinator, Andy Mater, was in Hungary. The next day he flew back to America to be with his family as God leads them in the next step of their ministry. He was my discipler for the past two years, and had a great impact in my life.

Summer Time in Poland
Now that school is over it’s time for summer camp! I’m really excited to be able to go to Word of Life Poland from June 20-July 30! I never thought that God would allow me to go to places like this. I don’t know a lot of specific details but I do know that I will be helping heavily with the English and sports of their camps, as well as Missions Camp, which is basically a camp of street witnessing for two weeks.
Thank you all so much for your continued support! It’s great to hear about people asking about the ministry along with your faithful giving that allows me to serve here. I can’t wait to tell you about the lives you will impact this summer through your prayers and gifts. God Bless you!

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